Meet the Team

We’ve spent our careers in the growth-stage energy sector.

We understand the importance of a company’s inflection point. With a dedication to the fundamentals, a broad understanding of the energy and renewables space and hard-earned experience from the operational trenches, we’re focused on helping propel companies to the next level.


Building great businesses takes time. We focus on building long-term relationships and value by enabling achievement. Corporate culture is key every step of the way. We believe this requires us to be flexible, respectful and easy to work with. Our values are core to our offering.


We do what we say.

Our definition of integrity goes beyond being honest and doing the right thing. For us, integrity means transparency, sharing candid – and sometimes difficult – opinions and being true to our word. It is the foundation of our team and our way of doing business.


We put people first.

We connect. We get to know the individuals behind the deal, the business, and the financials. Every relationship is deserving of time and commitment. Relationships matter, both internally and externally.


We remain clearly focused.

Professionalism and discipline are critical components of our investment style. We are rigorous in our assessment and analysis. In turn, we set clear expectations and we look for businesses and people that align with our emphasis on quality and results.

Executive Team

Grant Nicholson


Grant is an entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector and holds investments with multiple businesses throughout the world. Grant has over 10 years of industry experience, he is extremely passionate about ensuring that the operating businesses become a household name in the renewable energy sector.

Tom Cadzow


Tom is a our Chief Financial Officer and has a wealth of experience handling finances for a variety of large-scale businesses. Tom drives financial planning alongside performing risk management and ensuring liabilities and investments are secure across all business related touch points.

Andy Roe

Corporate Advisor

Andy is an experienced Corporate Advisor with a track record of senior leadership roles which has resulted in a robust global network across various industries. Andy has an extensive background in IT and services that equips him with strong skills in negotiation, operations, sales, and retail.